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STEM in Action - SWIS GENIUS ROCS Robotics Team
March 07, 2019 01:06 AM PST
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We hear from The GENIUS ROCS Robotics Team who tell us all about their recent trip to Shanghai to compete in the National Finals of the ACAMIS Robotics Competition where they performed excellently.

For more information about our Robotics Team follow our blog https://blog.seesaw.me/roboticsteamswis

For more information about STEM at SWIS including ICT, Robotics, Makerspace, Digital Citizenship and much more you can visit our website https://innovation.swis.cn

As with all student podcasts, they are planned, recorded and published with limited editing for an Authentic Student Led Podcast.

Apologies for the sound interference - one of the student's phones was ringing during the show as her driver was waiting!

We hope you enjoy the show.

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The SWIS Model United Nations (MUN) Team
January 25, 2019 12:13 AM PST
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This afternoon we recorded an excellent podcast with the students and their supervisors from the MUN Team.

Mrs Maria Chaytor and Ms.April D

Our students Bhumija, Khushi, Jessie, Jessica from Grades 9-11 spoke excellently about the Model United Nations Conference that they attended last weekend in UISZ Guangzhou.

Bhumija - who is President of MUN at SWIS spoke passionately about topics such as Indigenous Rights that were debated during the conference.

We concluded the podcast with a very brief (far too brief) interview/interrogation of Ms.Dalbello and Mrs.Chaytor who gave us some background information about themselves.

We hear the heart warming...story of how Mrs.Chaytor met and fell in love with Mr.Robert Chaytor....many, many, many years ago!

We hope you enjoy the show!

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TEDx debuts at SWIS
January 17, 2019 11:44 PM PST
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We are joined in the studio by SWIS Teacher Jaikala Prasad (DP Physics and MYP Science) who tells us some background information about herself in the first part of the show. We also hear about her home city Mumbai, what she values and is passionate about in life.

In the second part of the show we hear about the upcoming TEDx event at SWIS on the 23rd March at 11am. This is the very first TEDx event at SWIS after Jaikala secured a license for our school. It promises to be an amazing event.

The event will need school wide support and Jaikala is currently liaising with the Marketing, Logistics, Music, Design and IT Departments as well as the SLT to make this event a huge success. She is looking for volunteers to help out with the event. More information to follow after the Chinese New Year Holiday.

We hope you enjoy the show and that you will support Jaikala in making the TEDx event at SWIS an event to remember for years to come!

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University and Career advice from the SWIS Counselors
January 13, 2019 09:34 PM PST
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Dr. Greg Mason and J Wang are the first guests of 2019 on SWIS ROC Radio.

They explain their respective roles at SWIS as well as providing some background information about themselves.

We hear how a a College Counselor (Greg Mason) differs from a School Counselor (Ron Moore).

Senior Students at SWIS are currently busy with the college applications process. Greg provides us with some excellent admission statistics such as the top five places where students applied:

University of Washington
University of Toronto
New York University
Boston University
Chinese University of Hong Kong

We conclude the podcast with a discussion on the merits of going to college/university.

Tune in on Friday to hear Jaikala Prasad on SWIS ROC RADIO to promote the upcoming TEDx Event in March.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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Megan,Daryl & Usha
December 07, 2018 02:10 AM PST
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Another wonderful podcast on SWIS ROC Radio with the sports coaches talking Swimming, Basketball and a little bit about themselves (Daryl).

Enjoy the show!

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End of Movember 2018
November 29, 2018 10:39 PM PST
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Today we had the last in our series of Movember Podcasts at SWIS.

We were joined in the studio by Quinton from Artisans Pizzeria in Houhai (Exit E1) who sponsored lunch for the Movember Crew at SWIS today. Thank you Quinton; The pizza was delectable.

Gary from Shekou Daily also joined us in the studio to share in our end of Movember efforts. Thank you for all your support Gary during this campaign at SWIS.

We heard all about the activities that took place at SWIS this morning including face painting, Fake Mo Sales & calendar sales. We are now close to raising $2500. Thank you to the Art Department for helping us today with the face painting.

Our 'Classy' November calendar is now available for sale! Email eugene.leonard@swis.cn to get your own copy (a signed copy costs more!)

We would like to thank all our sponsors during Movember at SWIS including;

Gary - Shekou Daily
The Terrace
Xpats Bar - Phenix
Kafe Kitchen
Mr.Bill - Furniture Mission Hills
Volfonis - Owen
Craig Wildman Mccawleys Seaworld

Tomorrow night we will have our End of Movember party at Evil Duck if any staff would like to join from 5pm.

Thank you to all who have helped, donated, bought, and sponsored our Movember Campaign at SWIS.

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Teachers TROUNCHED by Students on Basketball Court...again
November 22, 2018 05:02 PM PST
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There's only one topic on the student's lips this week and it is Basketball.

Charlie and Vivien join Mr.Youngman in the studio!

With yet another victory by the outstanding, athletic and student basketball team over the ageing, crippled and sometimes blind basketball teachers of SWIS, the students can rightly declare themselves as the KINGS/QUEENS of the basketball courts of SWIS!!!

Well done students!

A special shout out to the referees Mr.Chaytor who got a 10/10 rating and Mr.Youngman who got a less than impressive 6/10 rating.

We hear about basketball teams at SWIS and their development over the past few years and also their recent games.

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Mo Mo Mo Movember
November 15, 2018 10:16 PM PST
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In the second of our series of Movember Podcasts we were joined by Patrick Mc Donagh, from the SWIS PE Department. Alongside him was Phenix, a very happy parent of two SWIS children and Gary Isse from Shekou Daily.

Phenix, provided a delicious Hamburger lunch today for the 17 Movember Men at SWIS courtesy of Xpats Village Pub HuangGang Village. We are very greatful of his generous donation to the SWIS Teachers in aid of Movember.

Matthew Franklin, another one of our SWIS Teachers joined the show to stress the importance of regular check ups for men. He told us how during Movember last year he went for a health check up and discovered that he had pre-cancerous cells. His story is very interesting and a timely reminder of the importance of looking after your health.

Finally, we hear from Gary, who reminded us of the Movember event at Terrace on 30th November where people can donate to charity and get their mustache shaved.

We will also be meeting on 01 December at Evil Duck in Fumin (not Futian MTR Robert) for the end of November SWIS Party. More details to follow....

To donate to our team https://moteam.co/swis-teachers-1?mc=1

Contact eugene.leonard@swis.cn if you want to sponsor a month on our upcoming Movember calendar.

Happy Christmas from SWIS ROC RADIO

Join Touch Rugby at SWIS
November 14, 2018 09:41 PM PST
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Betty and Winnie are the guests on this weeks show.

Betty told us that they are looking for recruits for Touch Rugby at SWIS so that they can have an all girls team. Their coaches are Brian Kasper, Shane Gower and Daniel Di Gregorio.

Winnie provides us with information about the Badminton and Basketball teams in the Middle School.


Mr. Campbell is Mr. Movember at SWIS
November 08, 2018 09:47 PM PST
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We had a very special Movember Podcast at SWIS today promoting the wonderful cause that 17 teachers at SWIS are participating in and accepting donations from the extended SWIS community.

Look out for posters and banners around the school for more information on donating to this worthwhile charity.

We were very lucky to have Gary from Shekou Daily on the show who is promoting our charitable efforts at SWIS (including Movember and Captivating International) to the wider community through their official Wechat Account (ShekouDaily).

Gary has also brought along a number of sponsors who will feed the 17 SWIS Movember participants each week with Pizza! This week we had Sally from The Terrace who joined Gary. They are also supporting Movember and running a number of events throughout the month to raise cash; listen to the show for more details!

On the remaining Fridays at SWIS, the Movember 17 will be receiving Pizza from Kafe Kitchen and Xpats Bar and Grill. Thank you to both sponsors.

We will be running events including 'MO' face painting and the selling of MO's for students and parents at the end of the month.....listen next week for more details!

Finally; Mr.Ringrose has vowed to help the cause on this day by donning a pink moustache.
Thank You Mr.Ringrose.

We hope you enjoy the show; join us next week for more updates from Mo participants at SWIS.

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