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Grade 5 Exhibition 2018 - Week 2
March 15, 2018 12:58 AM PDT
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We are already in Week 2 of the Grade 5 Exhibition 2018.

Our host Nico Umana is joined in the studio by Mr.Wakim and Ms.Vicky in the first part of the show and then Jeff and Nicky in the second half.

They discuss the events of the week, mentors, feelings and what lies ahead for G5 students next week.

Well done to students and teachers involved.

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Sports & Language Acquisition with SWIS' Athletics Director Joshua Youngman
March 11, 2018 07:24 PM PDT
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An awesome podcast with the new Athletics Director at SWIS - Mr. Joshua Youngman from Des Moines who speaks about the Athletics Programme at SWIS, Joining ACAMIS, his background as a farmer in Des Moines and coaching advice for both students and teachers.

A weekly Sports Show at SWIS may have been born this morning on SWIS' ROC Radio.

Follow the SWIS Sports Department through WeChat account RocAthletics and their Weebly https://swisathletics.weebly.com/

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Exhibition 2018 @ SWIS Shenzhen
March 09, 2018 12:12 AM PST
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The very first podcast of the SWIS 2018 G5 Exhibition with Ruhi interviewing Dave and Maggie, two of our teachers in G5 in the first half of the show and then her classmates Lion, Augusto and Deepayan in the second part of the show.

As with all of our Podcasts they are completely unscripted and virtually unedited. We will record a Podcast each week of the Exhibition with different students and teachers.

We hope you enjoy - please share and provide feedback for our students.

PD Podcast - APPEC (Asian Pacific Physical Education Conference)
March 01, 2018 05:08 PM PST
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Members of the PE Department including Patrick Mc Donah, Nemanja Topovic and Geoff Carter speak about the Asian Pacific Physical Education Conference that they attended in November 2017.

A very informative podcast.
Well done to the PE Department.
Great work.

Enjoy and Share.

PD Podcast - Making the PYP Happen
February 28, 2018 08:13 PM PST
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Daryl Tuttle is joined in the studio by Majella Dowling to discuss their recent workshop 'Making the PYP Happen' which they attended during the Chinese New Year holiday.

A really informative an enjoyable Podcast.

Unfortunately the sound quality was patchy at times during the recording.

Next time we will be speaking to the PE Department who will discuss PD attended recently in hong Kong.

We will also be recording a series of Podcasts with Ron Moore who will be speaking about the Restitution Model of Classroom Management adapted at SWIS.

PD Podcasts @SWIS_Shenzhen
February 09, 2018 11:21 PM PST
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The very first PD Podcast at SWIS Shenzhen, hosted by Eugene Leonard with Franco Rodriquez, Nicola Brass and Jordan Mc Kay as guests speaking about their recent readers and writers workshop in Hong Kong.

They reveal some fascinating details about themselves (which will be explored in follow up Podcasts) and they share their thoughts and opinions on a range of topics.

This was our very first PD Podcast - recorded live and unedited. We have plans for a wide ranging series of Staff PD Podcasts, Staff Orientation Podcasts and much more. As well as those podcasts - we are continuing our G5 exhibition Podcasts with students, teachers and mentors starting in March.

We are looking for people on staff who are willing to be recorded for a podcast, as well as presenters, musicians, and just about anyone with something funny, interesting or insightful to share.

SWIS’ Roc Radio;
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Share and most importantly enjoy.

The Year of the Podcast is upon us and we have big plans.

Living Museum 2017
October 12, 2017 11:29 PM PDT
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Hannah, our host is joined in the studio by Angel, Jeff and Kinting who discuss the transition from G4-G5 and the Living Museum which took place this morning.

Transitioning to G4 @SWIS Shenzhen
October 09, 2017 11:25 PM PDT
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Bob - our new host in G4 Green is joined in the studio by Zepline, Amy, Max and Bailey who discuss what it is like to be a student in Miss Kinneard's G4 @SWIS_Shenzhen!

Significant People Podcast - Mr.David Harvey Interview Podcast
September 20, 2017 08:42 PM PDT
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Ruhi is joined in the studio for the first G5 Yellow Podcast of the year by Lion and Anne. They discuss the transition from G4 to G5 and what they are looking forward to in G5 and are a little bit nervous about.

In the second part of the show Ruhi is joined by
Mr.David Harvey, SWIS Grade 5 Yellow Teacher who speaks about a 'Significant Person' in his life namely Neil Young.

This is the current topic in G5 and is an excellent way for children to get to interview their teacher and get first hand information. Before the podcast, children and parents had an opportunity to add questions to Seesaw which could be selected to be asked during the Podcast.

Mr. David sings 3 songs and is joined by his wife Charlotte for 2 of them.

This was a really enjoyable, informative and thought provoking podcast.

Well done G5 Yellow.

The 1st Podcast of the new school year from G5 Green @SWIS_Shenzhen
September 17, 2017 06:38 PM PDT
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Nico, our presenter talks to Sammy, Zack and Nicky who discuss the start of the new school year and the transition from G4 to G5. It seems they all really lile their new teacher Mr.Ashraf! Maybe his interesting dress sense...who knows?
They also talk about what they are looking forward to in G5 and what they are nervous about. Finally the discussion finishes with an interesting exchange about the 'Significant Person' that they have chosen as part of their upcoming 'Living Museum' exhibit.

It's a very good start to our first podcast of the year, albeit a little rough around the edges and a couple of sound glitches!

We hope you enjoy the show.


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